Frequently Asked Questions

Dues are currently $188.47, every six months.

Where can I pay my HOA dues?

Checks or money orders may be dropped off at the secure drop box at the entrance to the pool or they may also be sent to our mailing address:  
5928 Hixson Pike, Suite A-182
Hixson, TN  37343

Can I pay my dues online or by credit card or autodraft?

As of February 13, 2019, we are no longer able to accept online payments.  Please mail your check or money order to the Hidden Harbor office or place it in the secure drop box by the pool.  We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to be able to accept online payments again in the future.  The Hidden Harbor office is not able to accept cash or credit card payments.  

What do I get in return for my dues?

Your dues pay for the upkeep and maintenance of neighborhood amenities, as well as our annual social events.

Is Hidden Harbor in the Chattanooga city limits?

No.  Hidden Harbor is in Hamilton County, outside of the city limits.  This means lower property taxes, and that some services that the city government might otherwise provide, are provided by private companies, i.e. trash pickup.  See Utilities and Local Gov't Services for more info.

Do I need permission before making a change to my property?

Yes.  Article X of the Hidden Harbor Covenants and Restrictions describes the Architectural Control process.  An architectural request shall be submitted to the HOA Office for any proposed construction or alteration of existing structures.  The Board or architectural committee will review the request, and must approve the request in writing before changes are made.  The Board or architectural committee will work hard to provide prompt, fair, and consistent responses, that will help keep up the neighborhood's aesthetic appeal.